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Matt Wacek

Matt Wacek

The Digital Marketing Agency Sales Funnel I Used to Go From $0 – $27,925/mo

The absolute best way to get SEO, Google Pay-Per-Click, SMMA or digital marketing clients without cold calling/emailing is with a sales funnel. In this video I share the exact sales funnel template that I used to start my digital marketing agency and scale it to $28k/mo.


The number one thing that I struggled with when trying to build my digital marketing agency from literally $0 to now about $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue was setting up a sales funnel so that way prospects would come into my business and I could have a conversation with them, close them and then retain them and stack that monthly recurring revenue. I did not know how to do this. And I didn’t want to waste time with cold calling cold outreach, anything like that. At this point, I didn’t even really run ads either. And I’ve been able to grow my agency four to 500% over the past six months, so that’s what we’re gonna be getting into in this video.

And just like that we’re back here in cold and dreary Minnesota, I left Clearwater Beach, Florida, where I was staying for several days, it was low to mid 80s, very humid, perfect weather. Came here and it is now 50 degrees, windy and rainy. But it’s a great time to actually be very productive, because there’s really nothing else to do other than go to the gym. So what I want to be doing in this video is show you step by step, the exact sales funnel that I use in my digital marketing agency landscape marketing pros that took me from $0 $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

If you’re in my Facebook group, you will have seen a post where I mentioned I’ve signed another client at 2500 bucks a month. And that now propels my agency to run around $28,000 monthly recurring revenue with some really good margins. So I’m stoked. But the problem is that took me multiple years to get to this point. And I don’t want that to happen to you, it literally took me about four, almost five years to even get my first couple of clients who actually have to have some kind of stable recurring revenue that I can actually count on coming in. And it’s not a fun situation to be in. So that is why I make these videos so that way you can avoid the mistakes that cost me multiple years of time, and a crap ton of stress.

$0 – $28,000+ Recurring

So let’s get into it. So I know I just kind of showed a little bit the numbers and talked some of the numbers that we were producing. So real quick, I’m just gonna show you the numbers here from the past 30 days. So that way reflects the sale that was closed yesterday, you can see almost 30 grand came in since April 25. And all the way through today, which is the 25th. And so and if you look down here at the bottom right, you can see the monthly recurring revenue I did just mentioned, were at about 28,000, just to here under that, but stripe takes usually two to three days for it to kind of catch up with the new revenue.

The WRONG Way to Use a Sales Funnel in Your Agency

Alright, so before we get into what I’m doing right now, with my sales funnel, I have to show you the absolute wrong way to do this, because this cost me multiple years of time. And I don’t want that to happen to you.

I’m speaking from experience with everything I do in my videos, because I did so many things the absolute wrong way, which took way too much time. So what I see time and time and time and time again is a phone number on the agency’s website or contact form, and anybody can fill it out. And you can end up wasting time chasing leads that are completely unqualified dealing with spam coming through and just all kinds of crap, you don’t want to deal with this stuff at all, you don’t have time, even if you don’t have any clients.

Or if you have a few clients and trying to scale your ad, maybe out of three, five, or heck, maybe 10-15 grand a month, you don’t have time to waste on unqualified prospects, so we have to screen them out. But the old way that we would do it, then this is what I did a contact form, we get the email notification that comes in, I follow up and say hey, I’ll send a proposal over to and, and at that point you’re literally hoping to do business with they’re hoping that your price is right.

And they’re gonna like that, that low $750 a month after that you just gave him the absolute wrong way to do it. I did this for two, three years. And it never amounted to anything, never close a single client with actual close one client. And it was a very low ticket seven or $50 a month SEO client. It was it was just it didn’t work. It was just terrible. So we do not like this process right here do not do this process at all.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency Sales Funnel

Now let’s look at the funnel that I think is going to work best for you. This is what’s worked great for me. So what I wanted to figure out at the very, very, very beginning, because I was always doing the send out a proposal blindly and hope they come back and that that never ever, ever worked. And there was no one on YouTube talking about this back then. And there still really isn’t this to my knowledge, but we have to get in front of them on some type of video software, because chances are if you’re bringing in clients from across the country, which is most likely it’s going to happen.

I’ve never met any of my clients in person, the ones that I didn’t know beforehand. In terms of with my landscape company when I kind of knew other landscape business owners, you’re gonna need to do some type of video chat software. So I use Zoom. And so the way that they kind of book everything is with Calendly. And we’ll get into on the landing page here in a minute of kind of how it’s all set up. But that is where we can actually talk to them face to face.

It’s so much easier they can see who you are, you can see who they are and it’s just makes it a whole lot easier to close somebody and And close the sale because they can see you, they see that you’re an actual person as opposed to just someone random from the Internet, what we are trying to do is we’re trying to attract prospects that are going to be interested in our services, we don’t want to be cold calling. I’m innocent. I haven’t done a single ounce of cold reach or networking, or any of these types of things in years. And we grew from zero to nearly $30,000 a month.

It’s really from YouTube with my agency’s YouTube channel, as well as my agency’s website ranking pretty well and some Facebook retargeting. And of course, my camera died as I was filming, which is great, but we can still cover exactly what we need to do here. So now that we understand right here, what the technology side of is, in terms of how we actually communicate with the prospects, this was the biggest hang up for me, because I had no idea what I was doing. Nobody was nobody said to do this, get zoom and connect it all together. Zoom back then was not what it is now in terms of how popular it is. There was GoToMeeting back then, and there’s all sorts of other different options. But either way, we know we’re gonna do here, let’s start attracting leads right here.

Stop Cold Calling!

And so we don’t want to do cold outreach, I don’t want to do any of that stuff. That sucks. It’s not fun. It’s like trying to knock down a brick wall with a feather. Instead of having prospects coming to you to knock down a brick wall and actually come talk to you, it’s a whole lot better when and on that side of it. So we have the internet out here, platforms where prospects are hanging out YouTube, their head to the Google Search Social Media, whatever it is, if you want me to do a video on traffic sources, I can definitely do that what I think’s the best traffic source, comment down below, but, but we want to track them. And so we create, we create content out there, we have pages that rank we have blog posts that rank, we may even run social media ads if if you wanted to go that route, but we bring them into our landing page right here.

Sales Funnel Structure

And so this is my agency’s landing page that we have set up, I use Elementor Pro, I don’t use Click Funnels or anything like that I keep it very congruent and simple because use Elementor Pro for all of our clients sites, or other use the same software, we have them come to our landing page. And ideally, we want them to book a call through Calendly. Like I mentioned, it’s integrated with Zoom setup, Zoom Room, and then we communicate from there. But so in order for them to even book the call, we gotta get them to want to. So we have a headline right here that is communicating their problems that they are facing. So what do I mean by this? Well, after talking with 150 to 200 Landscape Contractors over the past couple of years, I figure out exactly what they hate dealing with, and what they’re they’re stressed about basically problems that we can solve with our service program.

And in my instances, they want their crews to be able to know that their jobs are there, they got their their booked out, they don’t have to waste money on crappy agencies to tons of money on that. And they don’t have to buy shared leads from HomeAdvisor. Now again, this is based on my experience. And this is all ties into the script that I have during our sales conversation and interviews. If you straight up just took this and applied it and then started talking about SEO right away in your sales conversations not going to work. That’s why so you got to really understand your industry and kind of figure out exactly what the problems are that they’re facing, you’re going to have to figure out exactly what the problems are. And it will take longer, it will take more effort.

Copywriting to Get More Leads

But I will tell you, I would way rather wait and not make that much money for a couple of years and then be able to make a crap ton more money. Because I figured this stuff out. And I’m speaking from experience on this.

“Discover how landscape contractors are generating 25 to 60 plus leads a month and properly filling their crew schedules without buying shared leads or spending a fortune.”

I just hit all kinds of pain points right here. Then if they watch it, or if they don’t watch it, they scroll down and it says hey, ready to grow your company schedule a qualification interview below. Now notice the terminology qualification interview. I say this because I’m trying to be very selective with who I’m talking to. I don’t have time to talk to anybody. I just don’t you if you’re just getting started, you probably are going to have to talk to some unqualified prospect isn’t going to happen. But you can see all kinds of other disclaimers here important only available one really I see a contractor per service area with waiting lists, not for startups not for less than 200k businesses that don’t provide top quality work.

I don’t want crap quality leads is basically what I’m doing right here. And then it we’re still trying to convince them that this is something that can happen in terms of like getting 60 leads a month, and so forth. So we say hey, it sounds too good to be true. See what our clients have to say. And we have video testimonials. This is why in that how to get your first client video, I say do stuff for free work for free and get the testimonial videos clients be more than willing to do it. And then you can be in a position where like, Hey, I know this, this big bold claim up here sounds very crazy.

The Importance of Social Proof

But it works. Here’s proof. Here’s proof. Here’s proof. Here’s proof. Here’s proof. Very easy, right there. So then let’s say they get through all these testimonials. And they want to book.

Prequalifying Your Leads

So they click the button here and go back up to the top of the page. And so you can see here they’re enter in their details. So the basic stuff, name, email, and so forth. And then we asked them what services do they provide? What’s their revenue? And then I kind of get into certain things that based on with my sales conversations in terms of how we can solve their problem, what problems you have, if you’re accepted how soon you can get started, will you show up in a distraction free zone.

I’ve had too many contractors, on the phone at job sites with concrete saws in the background, and I’m just wasting my time, I’m not going to convince them to want to do business with us because they’re focused on what they’re doing at their job site. So you don’t want that I want to make sure they’re showing up. And we want them to just to be to kind of fall into our frame, we’re setting the framework for how we do things here at our agency, you I would suggest you do the same here, whether you have two clients, or 20, or 50. When you do these types of things, you ask these kinds of questions.

And you could get even more advanced with these as well. But when you do these things, you will be able to kind of command a presence in terms of in terms of you don’t mess around, and we value our time, leads are going to come to you. And they’re going to have more respect for what you do. Especially when you combine it with lots of testimonials that they can see very Planning Day. So so they fill out all their information, they click Schedule event, you get an email notification, they get an email notification.

After they Book the Call

They then get directed to this page, I did have a video on here. One point, I’ll probably do put another one back up, I just haven’t had time. But basically I say, hey, check your email, make sure you get the notification. If you don’t have the zoom app, use the Chrome browser or download the Zoom app, make sure you have it. If your revenue is below a certain level, we’re gonna be reaching out to you, if you don’t respond, we’re gonna cancel if you don’t show up, we’re going to cancel you can’t book another. And I’m very serious with this. I don’t have time to waste and we’re not jumping around. No, it’s mean, I do the same thing. A lot of things in my life. If a time is set up on my schedule, and somebody wants to break it, and they don’t have a valid reason, or they do last minute, then sign out, we’ll just find somebody else. So as I mean, it’s truly their loss anyways

Retargeting to Capture Potentially Lost Leads

One thing I want to know here is let’s say they went to this landing page and they left, there will be a couple of retargeting ads that will follow them around, and especially more so in peak season when landscape contractors are kind of more active with social media and whatnot. But a couple of ads that follow them around and trying to get them to come back to the landing page and then book a call. And from there, we carry out the conversation like as I discussed, and ideally at the end of it, we get them to want to purchase our service programs.

Conducting the Interview & Closing the Sale

So how we do that is I have panda doc ready to go loaded up, I have all the proposal templates, based on kind of the different service programs all written out ready to go, I send it to them on the strategy session, make sure they open it on the strategy session when we’re there face to face, and I pulled up it’s on my screen too. And they usually will ask well, how do I get started with say, hey, it’s very simple to scroll down to the bottom, there’s all the terms conditions, you want to check that out.

But down at the bottom, you sign digitally right below, there’s a button that takes them to our Stripe checkout for subscription payments, they can enter in their details. And then from there, they’re redirected to a page where they can actually schedule a kickoff call right here, so I’ll actually just kind of loop this down here, they pay and then there is another page where there’s a kickoff call short video that kind of explains Hey, what we’re going to do during that it’s usually about an hour long, we get details on their access credentials, and certain stuff like as we get into their Google account, and all that with Google, my business, Google Analytics, and so forth.

And then there’s another Calendly booking right below it. And so then they can set that up. And then we same process here from the prior session, another zoom call, we show up, we get the information and then we get to work so simple as that.

So that is my digital marketing agencies sales funnel, and that’s how I brought leads in and converted them into clients that took my agency from $0 to $28,000 in monthly recurring revenue. So I want to encourage you to do at this point is check out the links in the description as well as the pinned comment.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re gonna have some amazing resources coming out in terms of how to start grow and manage a digital marketing agency and not just being one of these commodities, but an agency is actually sought after, and you have prospects coming to you in order to do business with you because they see working with your agency as a golden ticket opportunity to scale their company and make their dreams come true with adding hundreds of 1000s dollars in sales by delivering an amazing service program to them. Click here to watch that FREE on-demand training webinar.

Another thing that you should do is follow me on Instagram. I share a lot of content on there if I don’t have time to do a full YouTube video both in my posts and my story. Drop a like on this if you enjoyed this content also be sure to join our community ever growing digital marketing agency owners that want to win smash that subscribe hit the bell for notifications so you know when all the newest content comes live. We’ll see you guys in the next video.

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