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Matt Wacek

Matt Wacek

How to Handle Price Objections in Digital Marketing Agency Sales Calls

As a digital marketing agency owner, selling is key to success. In this video Matt Wacek shares insight on how to handle price objections in sales calls, dealing with how to negotiate sales, as well as overcoming negotiating with clients on pricing.

How to Handle Price Objections

At some point in time as a digital marketing agency owner, you are going to endure prospects trying to negotiate your price or have some form of objection solely based on price. And in this video, I’m going to be breaking down what I believe is the best way to handle negotiation attempts by a prospect. So if you’re brand new here, my name is Matt Wacek, I’m the CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros, a marketing agency that’s helped landscape contractors across the country scale to new heights since 2017. And I make these videos because I really, really, really wish this information was available to me when I was getting started. But then also when I started scaling, because these are some of the issues that you’re going to run into, as you do more sales calls.

And I’d say I have some authority to speak on this subject, because over the past couple of years, generated about $800,000 in very profitable revenue. With my actual agency, that’s not affiliate income, that’s not course income, or something completely unrelated to the actual topic at hand here. That is Landscape Marketing Pros’ revenue right there, which you can go do a Google search on, you’ll find the website, you’ll find agency’s YouTube channel, and all that sort of stuff. I don’t do that to show off, I do that to be transparent and show you what it’s actually like to build this business.

Which is why I created the Niche Agency Blueprint to help startups bypass the pitfalls, the headaches, the stress, the embarrassment that I had to endure for multiple, multiple years, in order to try to get my first clients. And then to start scaling and how to actually do the work and how to actually sell the right program. That’s all compiled into that program, along with weekly q&a, coaching calls and a whole lot more, which is the first thing in the description as well as the pinned comment down beneath this video.

Prospects Trying to Negotiate Your Price

And if you are encountering a lot of these negotiation attempts and price based objections, I can almost guarantee that it’s probably related. First off to this, if it’s 80% of the calls that you’re doing, you’re experiencing this, it’s because you don’t have any testimonials, really good solid testimonials, videos, not ones that you wrote on your website, or Google reviews, which are okay, but when we’re talking about a marketing agency that basically is a completely virtual business. It’s not like somebody can come to your office or anything like that, you got to have videos of your clients, showcasing their story of how they found you, what you did for them how to help their business, what they would say to other people in their position that they were in, because that right there is going to really drastically lower the pain of buying.

And so how do you get those testimonials? You work for free for a period of time, go watch this video after this one is completed, I’m gonna show you how to get your first clients. And so that way you can get those testimonial videos, yes, you’re probably gonna have to work for free for a period of time, or maybe even run in the red, but that’s going to actually accelerate things. But either way, go watch that video. I can promise you, if you just go work for free for a period of time in exchange for testimonials, it’s gonna help you scale so much quicker, because you’re not even going to have to deal with any of these types of price objections or at the minimum be very low, we’re talking less than 10% of the prospects you ever speak to.

How I Recently Overcame a Price-Focused Objection in My Digital Marketing Agency

The best way to show you how to actually handle negotiations is to show you a negotiation attempt by a prospect and how it basically completely removed it and got them to sign at the price that I wanted them to sign up. So back in 2023, October, specifically mid October when I was running ads, which actually documented in this video here, I had ads running and I had a prospect book a call. And I saw that their company was quite a bit larger than the typical client avatar that I’d like to bring on as a client. But their web presence was terrible that their website had not been touched since 2013, just kind of the run of the mill stuff with a company that just doesn’t look after their online presence, because other forms of marketing are working word of mouth, postcards, and so forth.

But they wanted to get their website to actually produce some good amount of leads and to have attract and all that sort of good stuff. And so when we did the sales call, run through the call, just as I normally would, we get to the close and I do something unique with my company, there are two prices for each service broke up, there’s the on this call price. And then if they decide if they have, I gotta go pick up my dog from the vet, I have to talk with my partner, I got to talk with the team, I gotta get clearance from the other executives in the company, whatever it is that they say, then they come back, it’s significantly higher.

We’re talking four figures per year in savings by signing on this call, but because this particular individual who was speaking to this company was a sales manager or similar type of role to that, then to speak with other team members also get approval from the owner who has delegated themselves out of the business. So I’m not gonna sit there and poke and prod on the call, try to get the guy to buy because he literally just can’t buy, especially when it’s something related to their brand presence. That is something that you had to get clearance from the owner to actually allow them to make that purchase and sign up for because it’s the owners company. So it makes sense. I know that a lot of people might give me crap for just kind of letting that go.

However, when you have enough leads coming in, you don’t have to worry about those sorts of things and try to poke and prod every single little thing and try to get every single last prospect because if you’re doing that you’re going to appear as needy and you don’t want to be needy when it comes to your sales. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I believe it was on Halloween that they reached out and they said, or they asked, Hey, can we book another call with some additional team members so we can just get a little more information about what it is that you guys are going to do for us?

And I say sure. So get on the call, and everyone was there. They’re all ready to move on, move forward with it. But then they got to talk to the owner. And so because again, the owner has delegated themselves out of the business completely. And they’re pretty much just like a Founder at that point. might or chairman of the board or whatever. So then a couple more weeks go by and then point of contact reaches out with some SEO related questions as to what kind of results they can anticipate how long is it going to take that sorts of things.

And then another couple of weeks goes by we’re talking into December. Now, if you remember, the original call was mid October, so we’re talking a month and a half later. So this is a lot longer sales cycle than my ideal client avatar, where we hopefully sign them on the call. But they reach out saying, Hey, we’re gonna have a final internal meeting to make a full on decision with everybody on board during this meeting. And that was the fourth or so of December. Then on the sixth, they reach out and they say, “we had an internal meeting, we’d like to move forward, would you be willing to offer the program on a six month term at 2000 bucks, if we sign this week?”

negotiation 1

The on this call price was 2k a month, and if they left after the call to make a decision or have to talk with somebody or whatever, it’s 2500 a month for the SEO based program. So you see the negotiation terms, right? They’re trying to low-ball the price. “If we sign this week”, that’s another thing right there that a lot of times you may encounter.

And here’s my response…”We cannot accommodate that request, the discounted rates for our programs are only available to those that purchase during the interview”, then they try to counter as if we’re having a garage sale, or car dealership, lot, whatever. And they asked if we could split the difference at 2250. I replied, hey, “We greatly appreciate your company’s interest in our service programs. However, the rate of 2500 a month is our final price two days later, okay, please send over the agreement.”


That, my friends is how you handle negotiation attempts as a digital marketing agency owner, when you have a proof of concept, you have to be going into these calls as if it’s going to make no difference whether or not they buy. And yes, obviously, I want to bring on as many clients as I possibly can. Because the more clients the more sales volume, the more revenue, the more profit everything Yeah, that’s obvious. But when you handle it like this, and you can just see that, hey, to the posted price, take it or leave it.

This is why we niche down.

This is why we have the foundation with the testimonials.

This is why we do literally everything that I’ve talked about here on this channel, it comes to building an agency. That’s why you do this.

So that way you can look at these types of price objections and just say no, and it’s not for pride or ego or anything like that. It’s simply just that this is the posted price. And this is how much you’re going to have to pay.

It’s NOT Fair to Those That Buy on the Call at The Discounted Price

Because another reason is, how fair is that to the guys that did actually take action on your initial sales interviewing bought on this call price for you to give them that same discount, but they got two months to think about it. That’s not fair at all. And that’s why that policy is heavily enforced. Now, there gonna be some prospects that were obliged to this, probably, but you probably wouldn’t want them as a client anyway. I’ve owned businesses for well over a decade now.

And if you bend over backwards, when it comes to the pricing of your services, you just didn’t get run over, you’re going to have cheap people come in. And then on the marketing agency side of things, you’re going to have them wanting reports every single week for SEO, which that is a disaster just waiting to happen. They’re going to be studying the ranking reports on a week to week basis and wondering, why did one super longtail keyword changed positions out at three different ways whatever in a week, you don’t want those types of clients, I’ve had them before their disaster, the money that you even make from it, especially because it ends up being less than it should be, isn’t worth it. Not in the least bit.

So that’s why we do all that foundational work like I said, and so that is how you handle price objections and negotiation attempts by prospects with your digital marketing agency. Simply by just saying no, you can take it or leave it if you want access to our system, which is proven to work for businesses just like yours across the entire country, then you got to pay what it’s worth.

Learn How to Start & Grow an Agency From Someone That ACTUALLY Owns a Profitable Agency

So if you’d like access to additional step by step training on how to actually build an agency from the ground up and start scaling get to your first 3-5. maybe even 10 or more clients, go here to get started.

What I also encourage you to do is go down below subscribe, click the bell for notifications so that way you never miss any videos that I upload, drop a like, comment down below with your thoughts on handling price objections and negotiation attempts. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say on that and to stay in the loop with what I’m up to with my agency and just life in general.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can stay in the loop with what I’m up to on a more day to day basis. And with all that said, my name is Matt Wacek, we’ll see in the next video.

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