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How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency (Making $5,750 in 44 Minutes)

For how to grow a digital marketing agency in 2024 & beyond, it can be difficult. In this video Matt Wacek explains how his agency made nearly $6k in less than an hour with no cold calling or outreach. This is beneficial for beginners that are trying to get started with no money or experience.

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How I Made $5,750 in 44 Minutes in My Digital Marketing/SEO Agency

When it comes to growing a digital marketing agency, far too many get their first three, five, maybe six, seven clients, they get to five to 10k in revenue every single month. And then they seemingly go nowhere because they get stuck in comfort. Whereas I recently had a one hour time window where I made nearly $6,000 in recurring revenue in my agency, and in this video, I’m gonna break down how I was able to do that and how you can apply similar tactics to go from zero to five to 10, 15 $20,000 or more in monthly recurring revenue.

If you’re brand new here. My name is Matt Wacek, and the CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros, a marketing agency that’s helped Landscape Contractors across the country scale to new heights since 2017. And I make these videos because I really, really wish I had this information available to me, back in 2016, 2017, 2018, I was trying to get this thing off the ground. And because of that, a lot of you guys have been asking about how you can actually get additional coaching and training for me in a step by step manner that’s a little bit more one to one, or encouraged that you do at the end of this video is go down below enroll in the Niche Agency Blueprint first link in description, as well as the pinned comment. beneath this video, I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned over the past decade of owning businesses from a landscape company to now with what I’ve done with Landscape Marketing Pros, and compile it all into one massive training program.

Video Testimonials as Your Foundation

So step number one, this one is so critical, this is the foundation for everything else we’re going to cover in this whole video. And really, the base of your entire success is your agency. And so that is getting video testimonials. I don’t mean some crappy iPhone shot thing that someone’s sitting at a desk, there’s nothing in the background, you can hardly tell anything I’m talking, they need to be if it’s a home service type of business that in front of their trucks in front of their trailers with graphics on them, they’re in an office and they got the logo in the background. Or if it’s professional services, they’re at their front desk, or they got the whatever chiropractic office name in the background, I don’t care what industry you’re working in, it’s got to look super, super legit. That’s the first part.

The second part of the video testimonial needs to be telling a story of how they found your company, what was going on in their business when they came across your agency, how you help them what you did for them, what the result was, and then what they would say to anyone that’s considering working with your agency, one of the two of those is enough to scale from broke to 2030 or more $1,000 in recurring revenue. And I’m speaking from experience right here, because it was not that long ago that I was on all kinds of sales calls and I would get to the close.

And multiple prospects would say to me, you don’t have any reviews, I don’t know if you guys can really help me. So you’re probably wondering, how do I actually get these testimonials, very simple. offer your services for free. I’ve done a couple videos here on the channel a little more in depth on here. And we of course go into it in the Niche Agency Blueprint to But long story short, create an offer, that’s going to get results quickly.

So ideally, something ads based, run the ads for free, where you could waive the fee of running ads for three months, they just cover ad spend, provided they can at least afford two to $3,000 in ads, because that’s generally what it’s going to take to see some good results, run that for three months, if they like what they see, they provide you a testimonial. And also if you’re really really bad at sales, and you have a good job where you can afford to run the ads and cover the ad costs then do that as well. Simple as that.

What I did in the beginning was SEO because I knew it really, really well. But it took a long, long time to get results, especially with brand new websites. And it’s not something that you want to do. It’s not something beginner friendly. And now that you kind of have an offer put together, how do you get the word out? I think there’s two really, really good ways that I like that if I was getting started today that I would use, which is going to be cold messaging from my niche agency business profile page to whatever business it is that I’m working with chiropractic office, a deck builder, garage door company, whatever it is reaching out to them not being spammy, not saying the same canned response of hey, can you handle three to five jobs next month, or whatever this shit is that I’m seeing. Constantly, what you want to be saying is, hey, I’m starting up this company, we have this system here, would you be willing to try it out for free? Now many people are gonna say no to that, if you really want to go a little bit more advanced with this, you could run ads on social media or even Google ads to put that same pitch, I guarantee you’re gonna get some leads coming in, they’re gonna be of interest.

So to do that, step number one, get the testimonials via a trial offer.

Content Marketing = Leverage

Step two is leverage content marketing. This is huge, so big when it comes to marketing agency and just becoming the authority in your space. So again, this is why we niche down and depending on the businesses that you’re working with, for my industry, and basically any home services or even professional services, really anything that’s an offline business, your best bet is going to be YouTube long form videos, because the business owners that you want to work with, they’re doing half a million bucks or more maybe three 400,000, whatever in revenue, or more.

Long Form on YouTube

They’re not sitting around watching YouTube shorts, or tik tok or that sort of stuff. They have things to do with their business, they have a family, most likely they have hobbies, they have all sorts of stuff going on. They’re not wasting their time on tik tok. Tik tok can be a good feeder system. Same with YouTube shorts to kind of help those very beginner business owners and then over the course of the next couple of years, they take your information and grow and then get to a position where they can afford your services. But for this strategic point of just getting clients coming in long form is going to be best. And so you’re probably wondering,

Well what do we talk about?

The videos that I’ve done the best for my agency’s YouTube channel and probably going to apply to all other industries, when it comes to especially home services, but also, like I mentioned, professional services and so forth, is really just taking what you do for them and explaining it to them on an elementary level, but also showing them that, hey, this takes a lot of calculation, and figuring out how to do it, it’s not something easy that you can just figure out in 15 minutes. And so what that’s going to do is tell the viewer, your prospect, “Hey, this is really beneficial to my business, but I don’t want to take the time to figure all this stuff out.” And these guys right here showed me how to do it seems like they know what they’re talking about. They got video testimonials here on their channel, business owners just like me explaining, hey, they helped us out, they can definitely help you out. Wallah, your calls to action are going to work.

It’s a win, win situation right there huge advantage that you can have. And it’s going to be one of the absolute best ways to get leads, because like I said, they’re going to be very interested, they’re already going out there and typing into YouTube, how to grow my chiropractic practice, or how to get more leads for my garage door, business, whatever it is all those different topics out there.

Ranking Your Agency’s Website

The part of your content marketing strategy is going to be your agency’s website, get it ranking for keywords. And here’s why you want to use WordPress. So we have the full customization ability. So we can rank for keywords like marketing related ones SEO, pay per click, Google ads, advertising in general, whatever it is, there’s so many different searches out you want to be able to show up for those two, because that’s going to bring in more leads, I would say about 40 to 50% of my leads in my agency come through a Google search because ask them at the beginning of every single sales call. Hey, how’d you find us? Oh, we did a Google search, just landscaping marketing.

Sell to Them Without Selling

Step three, once we have the leads, how do we turn them into revenue? We sell to them without selling. I know you’re thinking wow, that’s a crazy concept. It surely is. And I’ll tell you that when I employed this into my business or deployed or wherever they were, it is it took me from fighting and clawing at $6,000 in monthly recurring revenue to very rapidly 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, $35,000 monthly recurring revenue, huge shift. Nobody likes to be sold to but everyone loves to buy, including you, including me, the whole world, we all love to buy things. And so especially when it helps somebody escape a painful situation. And so how we start doing this with our leads is that we conduct our calls in a manner that positions what we sell to them our service program as what’s going to solve your prospects problems.

Oh, you guys are stuck at 300k the last three years? Well, this right here is what’s going to help solve that problem and get you guys found online. So that way you can get to 500k or 600k in the next year. And then from there, maybe even a million bucks in revenue, not talking about SEO, not talking about cost per click with your ads, reviews, website design, none of these things come up in conversation when you execute your sales calls the correct way, we’ve covered this very in depth in the Niche Agency Blueprint. It’s a huge module because there’s a lot of things that need to be covered, you’re not quite there yet, when it comes to being able to invest into a coaching program.

I did a video recently that explained six questions that you need to be asking your prospects on your calls, check that video out here, I’ll have a link below or up above on the screen when you do this the right way your prospects are gonna be excited to buy. It’s crazy because when I was first getting started, and I had these prospects that were I’m fighting and claw on them, they’re trying to negotiate me down on price. And this is years ago, we’re talking 2018, 2019, 2020. And then making this shift in 2021. prospects were excited to talk to me they were excited to buy there, we’re excited to get onboard and brought in and it’s just it made everything so much more fun. It was actually fun to wake up and work on my business instead of fighting and clawing.

Like I said that life sucks, especially because it is like pulling teeth to try to get someone to sign up for $1,250 a month. Nowadays, our rates are double that and it’s so much better. You can literally double or triple your income or more by just selling the proper way. It’s a magical shift. Step four is to obsess over the results. You can be the absolute best salesman in the world. But if you cannot deliver an outstanding return on investment for your clients, it’s going to be very difficult to grow because you’re going to churn like crazy. So what you want to do is pick one to two service programs, ideally something that complements each other for my agency, it’s website and SEO. And then the other one is Google Ads. Both have the Google buyer intent, the search engine buyer intent.

And it’s a lot better than social media. But if you’re a master at social media ads, by all means go ahead and run that and then become the very best at those things. And on top of that, if you really want to crush it become very well versed in their industry, I probably should do a video on how to kind of do these things if you want me to do the on it. Comment below. But you need to know and understand what is going on in your clients industry. And I don’t mean just the services that they sell. I mean, what problems does a business owner face on a day to day level at your ideal client avatar because business owners that are doing half a million bucks a year, they got maybe three or four guys working for him.

That’s a completely different set of problems that they’re facing. Then the business owner that is doing 2 million bucks a year with 20 employees, office staff all that sorts of there’s just completely different ballgame essentially. But a lot of times our service programs can solve their problems, depending on, again, what those problems are for some of them, and it’s just a lack of online presence for many businesses. But either way, knowing that is very, very key. Also knowing and understanding what their employees are up against what the challenges are that they face, what frustrations do they have.

This is where if you’re a little bit older, you’ve worked in an industry for a number of years, this is where you can leverage that because you’ve been in that position. That’s how I’ve done it with landscaping, because I had a landscape business for five years, worked in the industry for eight or more of those years. And then of course, now doing marketing for them.

And then also to top it off, this is probably one of the most important ones though is what are their customers thinking when they want to hire that type of business for whatever it is that they are looking to purchase? To build a deck to install a new garage door to have a roof replace, to go to the find a new dentist, find a chiropractor or accountant, whatever it is, if you can put yourself in the consumers shoes or mind when they’re looking for this type of business.

That’s what’s really going to help your clients win and in turn help you win as an agency owner, because you’re gonna help them convert a whole lot more traffic into leads, because you’re gonna be able to sell that much better because you understand what the consumer is thinking. And that is how you obsess over results. The best thing about obsessing over results is that it’s going to keep your clients on board for the long haul. We’re talking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plus years, the LTV, and that is 10s of 1000s, if not even six figures depending on how long you’re keeping them, and what you’re charging them. That’s huge. So step four, obsess over results.

Rinse & Repeat

Step five, it’s very, very simple. Just rinse and repeat steps one through four again and again. And again. Obviously, you can skip the trial offer once you have your first couple clients. And you don’t need to have that because you have paid ones coming in. But then you just continue doing that selling to them obsessing over the results. And if you just stay consistent with it, and of course, make sure you’re staying up on everything when it comes to your clients, you’re gonna have a very fruitful business.

So what I encourage you to do is if you are someone who can comfortably invest into growing your agency from whether you’re starting from scratch is zero and you work a job right now, or you got 3, 4, 5 clients you want to get to 10k 15 20k a month or more when encourage you to do is enroll in the Niche Agency Blueprint you’re gonna have access to a step by step process that guides you essentially through what we just covered in this video and a way more in depth level than I ever could show on a YouTube video. You’re also going to have access to me on a more one to one level when it comes to coaching with q&a calls and a whole lot more.

So with that said, drop a comment down below what you thought of this video. Do you like the steps? Do you like this type of video? Let me know your thoughts so we can make more of these videos if that’s what you guys want to see. And also be sure to join the ever growing family of agency owners that actually win by subscribing, hitting the bell also for notifications so you never miss an upload for me. With that said my name’s Matt Wacek, thank you for checking out my channel. We’ll see you in the next video.

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