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Matt Wacek

How to Get More SEO Clients | Turning $754.74 into $15,000 using Facebook Ads (Case Study)

In this video Matt Wacek analyzes the Facebook Ads results for a campaign ran to get local SEO clients in his digital marketing agency. This strategy will also work effectively for SMMA, web design, pay-per-click services and more.

Video Transcript

Over the past few years, I’ve grown my agency Landscape Marketing Pros from $0 and nothing but a struggle fest to now hovering between 30 and $35,000 of very profitable monthly recurring revenue. And I did it primarily with bringing in clients through my agency’s YouTube channel and my agency’s website ranked for a lot of industry specific marketing related keywords, and a little bit of Facebook retargeting, which I did a video on previously, where I’m spending about five to seven bucks a day. So a couple months back, I figured, hey, let’s give it a shot. Let’s try Facebook ads one more time, and just see what happens. Because I’ve done it in the past. Granted, my budget was like 50 bucks. This is way back when, and I maybe got two sales calls booked through. And granted my funnel and call booking process was not as refined as it is now.

However, the lead quality was just terrible. In this video, we’re going to break down a case study of me running ads for a couple of weeks and show you the numbers behind it the ad structure, the results, how the calls went, and did we actually close any calls and so forth. If you’re someone that’s a beginner to business as a whole, of course, recommend watching this to the end. But if this is your first business, I don’t recommend going out and shelling out money to run ads.

Because these ad platforms are going to suck your money away very, very quickly. If you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re someone that has maybe had five to 10 clients, you’re looking to scale, I think this video is going to be really a value to you, especially if you work with home service businesses, because the way those business owners kind of interact on social media is going to be very, very similar as my industry which is landscaping.

Now briefly before we begin I want to bring your attention to the first link in description as well as the pinned comment down beneath this video. Because registration for my HVA agency training webinar is now live on that broadcast, I pull back the curtain on how I grew my agency. And I’ve helped dozens do similar with their agency as well like Kyle here who landed his first client at 1,250 bucks a month with a $2,000 setup fee with many other stories just like him. So again, after this video is complete, go down below register for that webinar and watch that broadcast and and it’s going to be truly life changing.

My Digital Marketing Agency’s Sales Funnel

So we’re going to start off with just a quick overview of my agencies funnel, I did a video way more in depth go check that one out if you want to figure out how to actually do all this. But it’s very, very simple built on WordPress, I don’t have go high level or anything crazy complicated like that. And then I have zoom integrated with Calendly for the booking and prospects come in they book a call Simple as that. And I also have a bunch of disclaimers here because there’s certain businesses that I don’t even want to talk to because it’s just not a good fit for my company.

And so then below that is of course, squashing any potential objections with a boatload of testimonials and lead flow and all sorts of other cool stuff like that. So that’s the biggest thing with any funnel is just have a way for them to get in contact with you. And testimonials proving that you can help them get the results they’re after. Alright, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the ads.

Ad Spend

Total cost was $754.74 over I believe 10 or 11 days that was run, I’ll put the screenshot here up on the screen of the actual data, you can see eight calls booked at least that’s what Facebook attributed to. And then that comes to about 95 bucks per call booked. Now I know for some of you, if you’re beginner, that sounds like a ton of money to spend even for some of the people that maybe we had three, four or five clients, that sounds like a lot to spend because you’re not going to close 100% of them.

In many instances, if you close 20% of these leads, you’re doing really, really well. And so that can sound daunting to spend. And I know initially with me, way back when when I figured out that holy crap is gonna take a lot more than 50 bucks to even just get a good call, it can be scary. That’s why I don’t really recommend doing ads as a beginner. But if you’re someone who’s got money coming in, you can afford a test with this, by all means give it a shot.

Facebook Ad Structure & Creative

So the ad structure was a video ad. And so this was four different testimonials from my agency as the actual creative, I didn’t have anything crazy dynamic, I just slapped the same videos that you see on my agency’s YouTube channel in the creative for each one is different ads with the same copy on each. And then I just saw which one’s going to perform the best. And then I turn the ones that were least performing. So that way the spend could go towards a better performing ads, the targeting was very, very simple.

I had a lookalike audience that I used because I’ve had all kinds of data over the years built up with my agency, because we’ve been at it since 2017, but also testing with business page admins, and then throwing in interests that were related to my industry. And so you’ll want to play around with your industry. So I’d recommend if you’re someone in home services, or maybe even you’re working with lawyers, or dentists or whatever, just play around with that type of interest and see what it can get you and of course sprinkle in things to add to the audience as needed. Of course, if you’re not getting enough traction, or if you’re burning through the audience in just two days of spend, then you got to add some more interests or add some more different things to bring in more people.

My Approach to Copywriting

So the format of the copywriting and I just need to say this when it comes to copywriting This is a skill you’re going to need to learn if you have an agency regardless of whether you’re going to be doing the work or not. Because this is where you capture the attention of your prospects. So if you’re someone brand new to this first business ever, you’re gonna have to learn this skill. I think this is probably one of the most valuable skill sets that you can learn aside from one to one selling. So take the time to learn how to do this.

Call Out Your Target Audience

And so I have like a four pronged approach that I use this particular ad campaign and I kind of apply similar with everything else I do with my agency in terms of getting clients but the first aspect is to call out the target audience with heavy future pacing plus sprinkling in some FOMO being fear of missing out.

So here’s a great example: “Imagine six to 12 months from now, you could have added six figures to your business, but you didn’t.” Think of what that’s going to spark into the mind of the reader. Probably a lot of different things like different emotions, we want to hook their emotions. This is everything when it comes to advertising and sales.

Base Overview of Our System

And so the next kind of processes that I’m explaining our system at the very base level, I’m not talking about SEO, I’m not giving them cost per click stats, or any of these sorts of stuff, I’m just going along lines of just very base level of how we help their business without the things that they don’t like, specifically, buying shared leads through the lead gen aggregator platforms like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, and so forth.

Relate to the Audience State Value Proposition

Number three is to relate to them and state our value proposition. So with me being someone that’s been in the industry with landscaping industry since 2007, I am showing right here, hey, our system was created by a landscaper for landscapers with 17 years experience. In a day and age where landscape market agencies are popping up and then they’re disappearing as fast as they came, you can count us because we’ve been at this since 2017, doing marketing for landscape companies, and we’re in it for the long haul. Number four is multiple calls to action plus hitting them with some scarcity. So the call to action is as simple as book a call now.

Calls to Action

And then from there, I have a PS down below it that says Book One now before your local competitors see this because we offer service exclusivity. And we have waiting lists in multiple areas of the country. So book now the entire goal is to really just emotionally hook them and get them amped up so that way they do what we want them to do, which is click on the ad and book a call.

Results From the Facebook Ads Campaign

Let’s break down the calls, what actually happened of these eight calls that had come in. So I’m just gonna preface this really quickly, the lead quality is going to be lower. If you’re running ads, especially on social media, it’s just the nature of the game, compared to organic, where you get the audience that’s actively searching out that type of information to learn those sorts of things, and so forth. Basically just have to pick your heart, you want to spend more time building the organic audience and build the organic traffic with SEO? Or do you want to just spend money on ads, which you can do very easily just give them money. But you’re going to be sifting through a lot more leads that are lower quality versus the closer it’s going to be a lot higher on the organic side. And I will let you make that decision.

But of the eight calls. Three of them were no shows. I don’t know why I have a one right there. The first one was outright just nothing. And I didn’t feel like following up or trying to call them or anything like that. I just had no patience that day. I remember that specific that morning.

I just didn’t care. The next one reached out the night before and saying, Hey, we need to reschedule. And so generally, I would require one business day advance notice with this, however, I spend good money to acquire this coffee, okay, let’s send them the Reschedule link and hopefully get them on at a later date and never booked again. And that was that next one didn’t show up. But then I called him because again, I invested good money into this, the guy answered, he didn’t speak any English. And the reason I really call him is because he said that he could afford the investment. And so he didn’t speak any English whatsoever. So there was not gonna be any productive conversation happening there. So there we go, three of eight totally out the window right there.

Four of them. For more were very low quality leads. First one was a husband, wife team, the dynamic wasn’t very good. There’s two different decision makers. And it’s just not a very good dynamic that, at least for that particular lead. Next one, the guy was skeptical the entire time, which I thought was rather odd, because my initial thought was Did you watch the testimonial video that you clicked on the ad? But apparently not. So that one was a no go.

Next one was one you really gotta pay attention to if you’re someone running ads, or even if you have organic traffic coming in a short sighted business owner because what he had said to me was he said, I paid three grand a month for ads before but one month, they’d get a $40,000 job the next month, it’d be like three $2,000 jobs. And it’s just I don’t like that. And these are basically what paraphrasing what he said you want your clients to be looking at this program that they’re investing into your service program as a long term investment. We’re talking 24,000 a year turn that into turn $250,000 in additional revenue, not this month made this this month made that this month made this because that’s just a What have you done for me lately type of relationship, and you don’t want to be around that you do not want to have that in your business whatsoever.

The last one I had initially said no to the investment question, but the revenue was on point. So I actually had reached out to them. And they had said that it’s not going to be a good fit until spring with in terms of the investment. So we just cancelled that one. And I’ll probably follow up with them here in a couple months.

But alas, we finally had one lead that finally actually was good, a little bit bigger of a business than I would usually have as a client avatar. They’re doing multiple, seven figures in revenue. And what that generally means and why it’s not my client avatar is that they have a lot of decision makers all in play, and everyone has their own different thoughts. And I would rather just work with a contractor that’s at three to 500,000 in revenue, he’s the one calling all the shots, it’s way easier to just work with those guys.

But I will not turn down somebody’s money, especially if their online presence is not as good as it could be in this case for this particular client. So to do multiple meetings, the first one we couldn’t close in the second meeting where there were answering a bunch of questions had to get approval from the owner because we’re not involved in the day to day operations and then we finally got them closed. And of course that did not come without negotiations. And I will do a separate video on how to handle price objections, negotiation, that sort of stuff in a future video, so be sure to be subscribed.

So that way, you know when that video comes out, because it’s really, really key, at least in terms of the right way to do it finally converted them at the actual after this call price. And again, I’ll explain that in the negotiation video because we give a price incentive to those that actually buy on the call. And it’s a substantial amount of money. I mean, we’re talking well into the four figures per year in savings versus having to go and think about it and then come back.

But one fun fact of this particular call was the very first one or this particular lead was the first call, ask the prospect how he found us and he didn’t know. And so I’ll put the messages here on the screen. After we closed them. I asked them, Hey, did you ever track down how you found us? And he said, Yeah, this other individual at the company had forwarded me your ad through messenger. And so it must have been from your ad campaign.

Using Facebook Ads to Successfully Get SEO Clients

So that is how we turned $754.74 into $15,000. And ideally, then some because that’s what their rate of $2,500 a month is for six months. I’d like to keep them on board for multiple years, but we’ll see what happens. Their agency has a great track record of keeping clients on board for a very long time, because that’s what’s key to having nice, very profitable agency or monthly recurring basis.

Would I Run Facebook Ads Again?

Alright, so my camera died. But I wanted to leave you with these closing thoughts, because I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, should I run ads in my agency and what I run it again, as well. And so me the position that I’m in now, where I’m doing all the sales calls, I’m not going to be running ads anytime soon, I’m gonna be focused on growing my agency’s YouTube channel and the SEO presence because the lead quality is there. And I don’t want to be sifting through low quality leads.

And spending time doing that, because there’s other things I need to be focused on within my agency, this operations things that I handle, and also trying to do things here on my personal channel, and due to my personal brand, and that just takes a bunch of time that I just don’t have to talk with lower quality leads, I would like to eventually get to the point where I have some sales staff or at least just one salesperson that can go through these calls. And of course, want to sift through and make sure we’re only talking about qualified leads.

But sometimes though, low quality ones do slip through. And you just kind of got to be aware of that. So don’t recommend going and running up your credit card bill 1000 2000 3000 bucks if you can’t afford to pay it off very easily. So if you’re someone who is at the very beginning stages, I don’t recommend running ads, because it’s going to cost you a lot of money to get things up and running. But if you have a little bit longer term focus, like for example, the one that we actually closed, I think we had the initial call made October and then we didn’t actually get paid from them and actually have them granted they’re a little bit longer of a sales cycle with the bigger company like that was December 13 or 11 December 11 was when they actually closed so a two month window there that we essentially had to kind of float that adspend before we got paid so just know that going into it granted with a client avatar we can shorten that quite a bit with having the guys that are the actual decision makers on the call but sometimes you have the bigger companies that they want to spend money to but there’s more hurdles that they have to basically jump through before we can actually become a client.

Learn How to Build An Agency From Some That Actually Owns One!

So with that said if you liked this video because you’re going on below drop a like on this video comment your thoughts down below on this case study would you run ads in your agency I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you do end up running ads, comment down below your results as well. If you want to do more training with me on a one to one basis, hit that first thing in description as well as the pinned comment down beneath this video register for the HVA webinar take advantage of the offer that is presented at the end of that broadcast. And with all that said Be sure to go down below subscribe click the bell for notifications so you never miss a video and with all that said, my name is Matt Wacek, thanks for checking out my channel we’ll see in the next video.

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