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Matt Wacek

Matt Wacek

How to Get High-Paying Digital Marketing Clients ($50,000+ for SEO, Web Design, Google PPC)

If you struggle with figuring out how to get high-ticket digital marketing clients as a beginner with no experience or money, this video will help you get your first $5k-$10k in agency clients without cold calling that will stay on board for the long haul to rack up recurring revenue.


So my digital marketing agency has retained countless clients now for multiple years to the point where some of their long term values are nearing $50,000. And in this video, I’m gonna share with you a straightforward process for how you can set up similar in your agency. Because the fact that one of course, it’s a lot more profitable, but two, it’s a whole lot easier to build a business and manage a business that’s based on recurring revenue. So you’re not having to fight and claw and scrap your way to find your next project based revenue.

So if you’re brand new here, my name is Matt Wacek, I’m CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros, a marketing agency currently doing about $35,000 in monthly recurring revenue, and make these videos because I really wish I had this information available to me when I was getting started 2016, 2017 Because it would have saved me multiple years of frustration, headaches, stress, embarrassment, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Now briefly before we begin, I want to bring your attention to the first link in the description as well as the pinned comment down beneath this video. Registration for my HVA webinar is now live. So once this video is complete head down there, whether you’re a beginner that is looking to get started completely from scratch, you have no experience, or you’re someone who’s been out for a couple of years, maybe 3, 4, 5, 6 clients and you’re just stuck where you’re at, you’re trying to scale, head over there, register for that webinar, watch that end to end, it’s going to show you how to attract close and retain clients.

And you also have the opportunity to get access to even more training where you can work with me on a more one to one level, you can learn the same step by step tactics that Kyle used to get his very first paid client is different marketing agency resign them for 1250 a month after a $2,000 setup fee. So after this video is done, head down there and register and watch that. So these steps are going to be unconventional, to say the least because 99% of agencies don’t do this and they’re gonna go against what I say and still remain stuck. So what I highly encourage you to do is to use these because this is what unlocked my dream life for me I went from being broke at my $640 a month apartment in West Fargo, North Dakota, probably one of the absolute coldest cities in the country. It’s absolute just miserable for 6, 7, 8 months of the year to now living my dream life in Florida house with a pool I’m able to drive my dream truck have my dream fifth wheel toy hauler camper able to go race motocross across the country. And these steps are what enabled that and if you put these to work in your business, I can almost guarantee you will definitely see benefit of that.

Get RID OF Contact Forms on Your Agency’s Website

So step number one is going to be getting rid of contact forms on your website and setting up a basic funnel with a calendar for booking only no contact forms. Because what happens if you go through a contact form, you’re going to be playing email tag or phone tag with your prospects. And then nothing’s ever going to come of it. I see so many agencies doing this. And I think this is the worst way to do it. Same thing with even a chatbot I really advise not even having them I know they’re popular especially because go high level is going crazy. People love all that stuff.

But my agency, the only way to get in contact with my company as a prospect, like if you have not signed up yet is to go through and book a call. And there’s a reason for that because I want I want to limit my time my attention is very, very valuable. I’m not going to just be spending it playing email tag there’s like I mentioned with the contact form with a prospect who would may not even be qualified. So step number one getting rid of all contact forms and getting it into a funnel. If you want to use Click Funnels, WordPress, Go High Level, if you really want to, I don’t use it, I didn’t like it. Whatever you got to do, just to get that in place and use a calendar for booking for all new inquiries coming into your business.

Refined Service Programs

Step number two is to set up service programs. The reason you want to do this is because you do not want to have a list of 12 services that your clients can pick and choose from, because then what you’re going to do is not gonna be able to scale because you’re gonna be doing all these different things running around unfocused, and all that sort of nonsense. It’s also hard for employees to do that, because then they’re going to be doing all sorts of other different tasks, set up your programs before you even talk with the prospect and my company. It’s two main programs. And then there’s a third one, that’s those two combined. And the first one is SEO focus. This is going to be for clients who have a longer term focus, they don’t need work right now.

But they want to start growing their company over the next three 6, 12, 24, 36 months, and there’s no urgent need, and they don’t want to have high ad costs as well. And so that’s where that comes into play. The other one is ads focused, just purely Google ads. And that’s going to be great for the prospects who need work ASAP. And if I don’t want is a comprehensive program that combines the two that’s going to be the ones that can afford to continue running ads year round, in addition to having SEO working for them. And that’s generally going to be the companies that are close to that seven figure mark or even more, at least in my company, I recommend having ad spend be billed directly to the client’s credit card with that platform if it’s Google, Facebook, or whoever it is.

Because the fact that you want to have monthly recurring revenue, you don’t want to do project based stuff with a digital marketing agency. My entire goal when I was starting my agency was I need consistent, recurring cash flow that is sustainable that I can depend on. So I can at least live my life and be able to sleep really well at night because the money is coming in consistently. I was doing project based off when I first got started just because I need something to pay the bills, but it’s not a fun cycle, basically like a hamster wheel that you’re in. It’s just not very fun at all to have a business that’s like that. I highly encourage setting these up so that way it’s on a monthly basis that they’re paying whatever the rate is every single month.

Pick a Niche & Become the Best!

Step three. This one is one of the most powerful ones because this is what’s going to separate you from the 1000s of generalists that are out there, pick a niche, have videos dedicated to niche selection here on the channel. I’ll probably do more if you guys want me to do more videos on that, because I think it’s really powerful comment below. But it’s extremely, extremely important because the absolute best way to get traction nowadays, is by niching down.

Yes, there are big players out there doing eight figures in sales that are generalists that worked with 50 Different kinds of businesses, however, they probably got started 1015 20 years ago, where the game was completely different, they could probably actually get away with cold calling and close deals, they’re the game has completely changed that would number one way to stand out is to be niched down. There are so many business owners that I talked to even just had one this morning, who said they were tired of working with a local marketing agency that didn’t have a clue about how their industry worked. And so they sought out us, they found my agency’s YouTube channel. And this happens time and time again.

So what I encourage you to do is really go all in with this. If you want to register your business name and do all that sorts of you can absolutely go ahead and do that. But at a minimum, get a domain, get a website, build out your funnel, I don’t care if it’s using WordPress, Go High level, Click Funnels, whatever you want to use, I don’t care, just go get something out there, get your calendar, embed onto there, and some copy-writing and be off to the races. The next thing you need to do is go create a branded YouTube channel. This is so so so powerful, because if you go on camera, just like I’m doing right here, the level of trust and rapport that you can build by being on camera, essentially, having a conversation with that viewer, just like you’re doing right here right now puts you in a league of your own compared to all the other agencies that won’t do it.

It’s an absolute difference maker because your niche down, you’re talking about marketing services and how they’re beneficial to their company, how to get more leads through SEO, how to maximize their ad spend, I mean, there’s hundreds of different topics under the sun, you never run out of video ideas, you can even talk about helping them get more sales. I mean, there’s so many different opportunities or what you could talk about. And then from there, just posting consistently, once a week long form videos, I think are the best with business owners, because they’re doing three, four or 500,000 bucks on the low end for your clients that you actually want to take on. They’re not really watching short form videos very much. And also the likelihood and the quality of leads that you’re going to get from longer form videos is much, much better than the short form they want to close out this point with is that you want to have a soft call to action in every single video.

For example, “If you’d like more help growing your garage or business head down below, click that first link in description, book a call with us. And let’s have a conversation about scaling your business”. Simple as that.

Acquire Social Proof

Step number four is to get video testimonials. This right here, this social proof is the most powerful thing that will help you grow your agency bar none. Because when a prospect sees that there’s somebody that is just like them that they’re watching through the screen on their phone or their computer saying, hey, yeah, I was at 250,000 bucks in revenue, then I started working with these guys. And after the first year, we got to 500k. Then the year after that, we got to 750 then the next year after that, we’re now at about $1.1 million. That’s so powerful. And what that saying to that viewer, which is be your prospect, so so so so critical to get the so the absolute best way to obtain testimonials, specifically video is to offer your services for free.

And this is exactly what I did for multiple clients, because I knew I needed to get some testimonies, because there were multiple sales calls that I had been on where prospects are saying, “Well, you don’t have any reviews. So how can I trust you?” I mean, it wasn’t directly that, but they were basically saying that, that social proof is what you need, you absolutely got to have it. So go out there and offer to do the work for free. If you want to really expedite this, go run ads for them.

And just cover the ad spend cover the whole thing, have a job where you can afford to put 2,000-3,000 bucks a month into this, which is laughable when you compare it to any offline business like a restaurant or electrical contracting company or a retail store where they’re spending six figures before they can even get paid from a single client. And then you’re off to the races it’s so much easier, it’s I think, is truly the cheat code. So many don’t want to do this, they want to fight and claw for that $500 a month client. And then after two years, they’re barely at $2,500 in monthly recurring revenue, where if you just skip that you work for free with two clients for six months. Let’s say you got them amazing results, got video testimonials. And then you started spreading the word which we’ll get into the next step here of how to do that, you then start bringing in leads that are going to actually be interested and they see that you can get them result and then you can very rapidly instead of being stuck at $2,500 a month you can be at $25,000 a month recurring. So place getting video testimonials at the top of your task list. And if you have existing clients and you’re there in an industry that you actually maybe want to niche down into, then ask them for video testimonials. And make sure it’s like a storytelling type of video. It’s not just them for 10 seconds saying yeah, they helped my company. You want it to be minute and a half, two minutes kind of sharing a little bit of story of how they found you what was going on in their business and then how you help them and then what the results were from there. Very, very simple to do.

Leverage That Social Proof!

Step five is to leverage the ever living crap out of those testimonials. Get them out on their YouTube channel, use a clickbait headline, do what you got to do how X business added $500,000 in sales over two years and that will bring in people to watch it. It’s so so so powerful. This was the absolute difference maker in my business when I finally got these and that’s what enabled me from basically scraping by at six, 7,000 bucks a month to very rapidly multiple five-figures in monthly recurring revenue at a very profitable rate, the amount of your agency’s website, whether it’s on the homepage, the call booking page testimonial page, heck, even all I recommend putting on all those pages, because the more that you have that in their face, the more they’re gonna see the more they’re going to remember that okay, yeah, these guys got them really good results.

Next thing is retargeting ads, you’re gonna do Google display or YouTube, there’s one option, I do a lot with Facebook, and even Instagram, as well, I got a video here on the channel talking about doing that for like seven bucks a day. Now it’s very, very profitable.

And you also want to use these, when you’re overcoming objections on your sales calls, someone’s coming in, and they’re in the same position that this particular client was that you have video testimonial of, they were at 300 grand in revenue, and they were kind of unsure about this whole marketing thing. And then you tell them, hey, these guys took advantage of this opportunity to get onto our service program at that same revenue level that your prospect is that and then over the course of the next year, they grew to 750,000 bucks, or whatever the revenue number is, and that’s gonna squash their objections that they have.

Deliver Amazing Results

Step six. And this should really go without saying, but for some reason, a lot of agencies screw this up deliver amazing results, I think the lack of results comes down to religious two main things, the first one being someone that’s a total beginner, they don’t really understand what they’re doing. And to that I encourage you go learn the skills. There’s lots of videos on my channel about SEO, website design, doing Google business, SEO, all sorts of stuff like that, or to their a generalist agency that’s working with 5, 6, 7 different clients doing 12 different services, there’s really no time or opportunity to even become very well versed in whatever that particular services in that particular industry. And they frankly, just leave money on the table for their clients. It’s something that I see quite often at my company with prospects who had a website built by whatever cheap agency they went with multiple years ago, for 200 bucks a month. It’s just the nature of it, because there’s just not enough time in the day for them to learn.

That’s why niching down and doing all this stuff that I covered is so incredibly important. And understand that there’s a lot of people out there that are watching this that don’t want to put the time into learning these sorts of skill sets. And I encourage you to learn the skill sets. If you don’t want to build the websites, you don’t want to run the SEO, you don’t want to run the ads, all that sort of stuff, there are contractors out there that do an amazing, amazing job with it, you still want to understand what the hell is going on, when it comes to your results that you’re generating for your clients got to understand what’s going on because otherwise, they’re gonna be asking you questions and you’re going to not know how to answer them.

So that’s why I encourage you to learn the process of what it is that you’re selling, even if you do plan to outsource it to a vendor or to a contractor or whatever, at least you then understand what is going on and you can set the expectation for how long it’s going to actually take to get results and why things fluctuate and that sort of stuff because there’s a lot of things that go on with the search engine with ad platforms that change and you got to be aware of those things.

Get Additional Training on Digital Marketing Agency Startup & Growth

So that is the six step process to how to actually get clients are going to be staying on board for a long long long time and can pay you upwards of multiple five figures and even upwards of 40, 50,000 bucks depending on how much you are charging so with all of that, I highly encourage you to go down below check out the webinar, register for that, watch that broadcast and and check out the opportunity to get additional training and working on a more one to one basis with me and the other guys in the program. And if you use these tips in your business comment your thoughts down below I’d love to hear how they helped you drop a like on this video also down below subscribe click the bell for notifications so you never miss an upload for me. And with that said my name is Matt Wacek, we’ll see ya in the next video.

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