how to do SEO for clients
Matt Wacek

Matt Wacek

How to Do SEO Work to Rank Your Local Clients for Big Money Keywords (Generating a 29.16x ROI)

When growing an SEO/digital marketing agency it’s critical to get your clients great results. In this video Matt Wacek explains the overview process on how to make search engine optimization work for your clients’ website and Google Business Profile to get more leads and increase sales as a result and them staying on board for many months/years to maximize LTV.

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Reading More Your Style? Here’s The Transcript

If you want to build a successful digital marketing agency, whether you sell SEO, Google ads, web design SMMA, or any host of other services like that, that benefit of business, you need to be able to get your clients really good results. So in this video, I’m gonna show you how my agency generates amazing results for our clients. So that way clients want to continue paying month after month after month after month, making every single client extremely valuable to my agency, so long my business to be very, very profitable.

So if you don’t know who I am, my name is Matt Wacek. I’m CEO & founder of Landscape Marketing Pros, a digital marketing agency currently doing about $35,000 in monthly recurring revenue, and I make these videos because when I was getting started, I really wish this information was available to me, and it just wasn’t. So in this video, we’re gonna be getting into how my agency generates our clients extremely, extremely good ROI. When it comes to the services that we provide them to specifically an organic traffic focused based program, which is going to include things like web design, SEO, and then also getting reviews out the conclusion of this presentation, I highly, highly encourage you go down below, click the first link in description or the pinned comment down beneath this video and register for my HVA webinar, it’s going to show you some life changing concepts on how to attract close and retain clients in a digital marketing agency, whether you’re someone that’s struggling with one to 2, 3, 4, 5 clients, or you’re starting out brand new, you have no idea where to even go or even if you’ve got 10 clients right now, I can almost guarantee there will be some things that you will see in that web class, they’ll absolutely be beneficial to you. So again, firstly go scription as well as the pinned comment. But without further ado, let’s hop into my computer and break down the strategy for how we can systematically get our clients insane ROI. So that way they want to continue paying us for months upon months upon months, if not multiple years. So the first component is going to be the website for your client and know what you’re thinking, wow, how compelling great insight, Matt, it’s a little deeper than that.

Specifically because there are certain things that you need to do on your clients websites, when it comes to a couple different things, specifically copy-writing and the structure of the website that are going to determine the success of it for both where it’s going to be placed in the search engines and how well it’s going to convert. And if you’re brand new to this converting is taking a website visitor and getting them to take action. So for a home service business, whatever local service, business chiropractor, lawyer, whatever you’re working with, that’s going to be either picking up the phone after seeing the website or just clicking the call right from there or going to the business’s Contact Us page and sending their info through the form to request a quote, or a meeting, whatever it is. And that is how you measure success. With an agency specifically doing SEO, how well does the website perform, and how much of an return is the client going to get based on those leads that are coming through.

So the first thing that you need to do is make sure that the copy is on point. This is so so so so critical in a day and age where everyone’s just going and using chat GPT or even, which is a tool that I use, because it’s actually pretty effective in creating a base level for content, you can’t just rip that and copy and paste it, you still have to go in and optimize it because neither those tools and there might be some other advancements out there. But neither of those tools are going to be able to effectively communicate for both the search engine and the people viewing the website, which is equally if not more important to Google, then the SEO side of it. And so what I mean by that is the copy-writing that you write on the clients website, let’s say it’s a deck building company, you need to be able to paint a picture in the mind of that reader, that homeowner who is going to spend 30,000 bucks on a deck so that way they can hang out somewhere during the summer nights, you need to be able to write in a way that is going to paint a picture in that person’s mind of what that end result is going to be like. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re someone that’s not from the United States, this will be really difficult. But when you can master that skill, you’re going to be leagues above all the other agencies out there. And even all the other local business websites that don’t even do this, because they have no idea how or what they’re even really selling, they just are very good at doing the work. But they’re not good at selling it at least when it comes to a marketing perspective. So that’s the first part the copy for SEO and also the actual reader. Number two is the structure need to build a page for each and every service that your client offers. So again, if it’s in the deck space, you’re gonna have a page that’s all about deck construction, and maybe even segmented by material types. So one for wood, one for composite material and the other material types that are out there. And then also if they do maintenance, so if they do the sealing of them, or the painting or any of those other types of maintenance services, you have a page for each and every single one of those because what that’s going to do is make it easy for the person reading the website and to see that okay, they do all these other services.

I can read all about each one of these and include information about the process of how it’s done, the construction process, the design process, all those sorts of things. And then also for the search engines that can help you get additional traffic as well. When someone’s looking to purchase a deck or any other home servers. They’re not just always going to type in deck builder near me. They may go out there and type in composite deck design or composite deck design. if that’s what they want to use as a composite material on their deck, these are things that you need to learn and do research on. And this is why in the niche videos I mentioned before, you have to understand your niche. And so there are lots of resources out there, there are tons of forums where these types of contractors hang out. And I don’t mean going there and bombarding them with your offer to work with them. Just go there and read there without even joining in an account. And simply just taking the information for me with my lawn and landscape business. Before I even started, I was spending time on forums, we’re talking multiple hours a day, just learning how to do the work effectively. And I was able to then when I started that business over a decade ago, and I had that through 2016, and then transitioned into marketing, which I’m doing now, obviously, I knew every single service like the back of my hand, knew very, very, very well, because I had done so much research beforehand. And you’re gonna have to do the same thing. Because the more knowledge that you have about an industry, the more you’re going to be seen as the authority when it comes to actually attracting clients and attracting leads and talking with them. Because they’re going to see that, okay, this guy actually understands my industry, they can actually help my business grow. And that’s gonna be huge. And it will take a lot of time, you will not be able to start reading a forum or watch a couple of YouTube videos on a particular industry today. And then tomorrow, you’re going to be an expert, it will not work like that, it will take you some time to learn these things, especially if you are from outside the United States where you don’t even maybe have these types of services that go on.

You have to know your industry, I don’t care which one you’re getting into. You have to know this second component to maximizing clients ROI is going to be the Google business profile. And I know what you’re thinking, Oh, wow, how compelling however, there are a few things that you’re probably not doing with your clients Google business profiles that you need to be doing in order to again maximize their potential visibility, because these things are have so much leverage with a client’s immediate service area. So generally, the listing is registered to their shop or their office or their home. And it’s going to be seen by people in their immediate area, we’re talking within a five to eight mile radius, depending on how big of a location that they’re in, if it’s somewhere very urban, it’s going to not go out as far but there’s gonna be high density of work right around them, it’s the opposite of they’re in a suburb that’s a little bit more sparsely populated, or even like a rural area. huge advantage with these leads that come in through the Google business profile is that it’s less time and less fuel and wear and tear spent to go meet with these clients because they’re very, very close. And then when they do in fact, sign the project that’s again less time and wear and tear and traveling and all that sort of stuff to get to the job-site because it came in from somebody very close to their headquarter location.

And there’s a couple different things that you need to be doing to really maximize the visibility, which one is optimizing the categories. And this is very, very important, especially if you’re working in an industry where there are multiple categories that fall into that particular industry. So for example, with landscaping, there are five or six different of those categories that could be selected as the primary and then you have your secondary dominate. So of course, the landscape at the top is gonna be landscaper, if that’s what the client wants, they want more landscape installation work, or if they want more design style work landscape designer, then you got lawn care service, and there’s lawn sprinkler contractors, all the different ones. For an industry like roofing, building decks or siding or Windows, all these sorts of things, those are going to be pretty straightforward. Second part of that is making sure that the clients main keyword for where they want to rank. So that’s usually going to be one of the most competitive keywords that they are targeting.

So let’s just say it’s roofing Atlanta, for example, be throwing in that keyword in the description is going to communicate directly to Google that, this is a roofing contractor in Atlanta. And you can tie this in a couple different ways you can throw that keyword into the text as similar as you would on the website. Or you can throw in the names. And so for example, let’s just say it is four seasons roofing, so I would write in for season roofing in Atlanta is a top rated contractor specializing in residential and commercial roofs, which includes installing and repairing shingles, and so forth from there. And so you want to mention the services that they do as well like the services that fall under the category. So like if again, for roofing, that’s going to be things like shingles replacement, shingle repair, roof, repair, all those sorts of things there. And again, this is where knowing the industry comes into play, and being very, very well versed in it because you’re going to be able to communicate these things that much better.

Third component is going to be something that a lot of people in the SEO space and web design space. It almost seems like as a controversial topic, but in my opinion, and my experience and having generated 1000s upon 10s of 1000s of leads and millions upon millions of dollars in revenue gains for clients is City Pages otherwise known as location pages. And so basically this is where you build a page and it’s optimized for your clients main service. So let’s just say it’s roofing contractor or roofing installation or whatever. In another city where your client works. So let’s say they’re based in Plano, Texas and other city I think near there is great, fine. You have that main headquarters city like your main pages, your homepage is all about playing Oh, your service pages are all about playing up but then you got these other pages for grapevine and got like Berlin asin I think is another one. And there’s just all these little little towns and communities and suburbs that around there. What this enables you to do is get more traffic coming in from those other areas and your clients are then able to get more work as a result of it. Three, four years ago, you could post these pages and they’ll go live and be indexed within less than a week. In most cases. Nowadays, it’s taking a lot of time, even if the client site has a good amount of authority, you’re going to be waiting a while for these pages to rank. So when it comes to talk with your clients, make sure that you set the expectation that hey, this is basically like an add on bonus that we can rank for these keywords. So the fact that Google has really kind of throttle back the ability to get these pages to index and be seen, just kind of delays things. So that’s something that I like to just throw in as a bonus to clients that hey, we can get you more leads in other areas of it does take a bit more time than it previously used to three, four or five years ago to get these things to rank so that way they can be producing new leads.

Now if you got to this point in the video, I highly encourage you go down below hit the first link in description or the pinned comment down beneath this video. Register for that HVA webinar and watch that broadcast and and because you’re going to learn things that I just covered here in this presentation and a whole lot more when it comes to again attracting closing and retaining clients because those three components are the main aspects of a digital marketing agency that brings in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30,000 bucks a month or more at a profitable level. It’s actually a whole lot easier to manage than the traditional way of what most agencies are doing out there. So again, firstly in description pin, comment down below. Also be sure to join the ever growing family of agency owners that actually win with their business by going down below click subscribe and also click the bell for notifications so you never miss an upload for me. So with that said, my name’s Matt Wacek, thanks for checking out my channel, see in the next video.

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