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Matt Wacek

Matt Wacek

Digital Marketing Agency Sales Script | 6 Questions You MUST Ask to Close Clients on Sales Calls

When trying to get digital marketing agency clients, many struggle with what to say when doing a pitch to prospects. In this video, Matt Wacek provides insight into the best questions to ask during your sales meeting strategy, whether you sell web design, SEO, SMMA or pay per click advertising.

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Reading More Your Style? Here’s The Transcript

If you’re trying to get digital marketing agency clients and you’re not asking these six questions in your sales script, I can almost guarantee that you are leaving 10s of 1000s, if not even hundreds of 1000s of dollars in revenue on the table, if you don’t know who I am, my name is Matt Wacek, I’m the CEO and Founder of Landscape Marketing Pros. We’re a marketing agency currently doing about $35,000 in monthly recurring revenue. And I’m making these videos because I’ve really just information was available to me when I was trying to get my agency started way back 2016, 2017, 2018. So in this video, we’re gonna be diving into several questions that you need to be asking your prospects in order to close more sales, because that’s the entire purpose of conversing with a prospect is to get them to buy our service program on 2, 3, 4 thousand bucks a month. And the reason I make these videos is because I struggled for a very long time 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019, even parts of 2020, I failed to get a single client for multiple different reasons. But one of the biggest was not knowing how to sell not knowing how to actually communicate what it is that I sold, I was really good at SEO and really good at designing websites. However, I could just could not get anyone to sell. And so this video may take me a little bit of time to go through. So if you don’t have five to 15 minutes to pay attention through this video to the very end, then you’re probably going to be best suited to go watch tick tock and be unproductive and just melt your brain over there.

If you actually want to build a business that emits multiple five figures in monthly profit, that encourage you to stick around to the end of this video. So Does this sound familiar with how your current sales calls go? You’re sitting there, if you’re talking about doing SEO and web design, you’re showing them search rankings and all this sorts of nonsense. If you’re running ads, you’re showing them cost per click cost per lead, or click through rates or all these sorts of metrics that frankly, your prospect doesn’t give a shit about if so you absolutely must make the shift that we’re going to discuss here in this video. But you need to transfer away from talking about what it is that you sell, to actually solving the problem that your prospect has. Now with an agency generally these problems are very, very easy to spot and figure out very predictable. But we still need to dive into that because that’s how we can actually get the prospects emotions involved into their decision making.

Because I tried to sell for multiple years, just on the logic and numbers side of things where we’re just talking about rankings, we’re talking about cost per click, and all these sorts of things absolutely should get out a pen and paper I know it’s our take notes on the questions that we’re going to be getting into. Because when you make the shift from talking about logic and numbers, all these sorts of things and actually just solve their problem on an emotional level, you’re going to close sales like there’s no tomorrow, it’s absolutely insane. The shift that this made for my business and took me from struggling at like six grand a month very quickly scaling up to 1215 2025 30 35,000. And I’m still going to continue to scale this to as much as I possibly can. Over the coming years, a lot of these things that we’re going to be covering are based on psychology and what we say and also more importantly, how we say these things, so that we can skew our prospects to buy with this powerful information, you need to use this for good and not evil.

So don’t go out there and use this and then sell a terrible service to them. You need to make sure that your fulfillment is on point, you have the skills in order to be able to do so are the right contractors in place so that the work is fulfilled properly in your clients get a good ROI. At the end of this video, I’d encourage you to go down below to the first link the description or the pinned comment down beneath this video and register for my HVA webinar changing concepts in that broadcast. So I can help you start and grow your agency so that way you can actually have a business that’s profitable, or you don’t have to leave your house. So again, first thing description, pin comment. Without further ado, let’s begin with question number one. First question that I’m asking is, what is the biggest issue that you’re facing in your business right now, during this question, I’m trying to figure out what is going on in their business? Why did they even book a call to begin with, because again, as an agency, we want to solve problems. We don’t want to just sell SEO, sell web design, sell ads, whatever it is that you’re doing. This essentially right now, at this point during the call this is again, the very beginning.

It’s a discovery phase, we’re trying to figure out what is going on in their business. And can we actually solve the problem that they have with what we have to offer in our service program, you’re gonna hear prospects say something along the lines of well, we got a website and it kind of just sits out there maybe gets 234 leads a month, it doesn’t really produce a whole lot that good a quality. So we’re really relying on word of mouth to just keep our things afloat. And lock contractors don’t want to be in that position. And again, I’m speaking from my experience with working with landscape contractors. It’s exclusively who my agency works with. This is going to be universal for most from service companies. And some of these will also kind of tie into other ones like lawyers, chiropractors, dentists, and some of the other white collar professions as well. But next one is going to be the next one that’s really common as well as they’re working with HomeAdvisor, working with Angie’s List, thumbtack, whatever, and it’s a race to the bottom every damn time. I’m sick of spending all this money on these leads that talk to 10 other contractors all at the same time. And you kind of tell the tone of voice that I carried through that because again, the more angry the prospect is going to get at that situation right there, the better it is for you and the easier it will be to follows them and knock them off the fence to buy your service program because they want to escape that pain.

Next one here, that’s really, really powerful because it’s involved in a lot of emotions is that they just don’t get enough consistent leads to hire a good foreman or good crew leader. So that way they can delegate themselves out of the field having to extra do the work, whatever it is, if it’s installing the garage door, putting the shingles on the roof, or whatever else it is, they want to be able to get out there and do the estimates and then just go do sales. And then maybe like some of the admin stuff they don’t want to be doing the work in question is so unbelievers that are in fact, coming in what percentage? Or how many of those are you closing each month? And so they’re gonna say their answer. And for most of these business owners, if they’re the right client avatar that you’re attracting into have booked calls, they’re going to know those stats right off the top of their head, if they’re really in tune to their business, or they’re going to have that data in front of them, or they’ll at least know the ballpark.

So then we follow that up immediately with, okay, so that’s about six projects per month, on average, about 10,000 bucks a piece you’re doing about 60 grand a month during the season, is that accurate? And they’re gonna say, Yeah, and so the reason we’re doing this is because we’re basically creating firepower for later on, we’re going to ask additional questions that go further deep into the root of their problems. So that way, we can then again, push them to purchase our service program, because that’s going to solve their problem, help them get those leads consistently, and take them from being at say, 60 grand a month to get them to 121 5200, whatever it is they want to do. The fourth one is very, very, very important. Because if we can’t get them to do what our goal is, with this question, it’s going to be hard to get them to actually want to buy. So at this point, we have them in a point of pain to some degree, they’re aware of their problems.

Now, we want to help them visualize what the future is going to be like. And so what I ask is, can you take me into the future? What would you like your company to look like and say, six months, 12 months and 24 months from now in terms of how many employees crews revenue, all that sort of good stuff. And then they are going to start telling me these things like, I want to add one three man crew this year and add another 20 grand in revenue. Or I want to find that right foreman that I can pay 30 bucks an hour, 40 bucks an hour, whatever it is, and then they can manage things, and I can then go focus on estimates and sales, the crews gonna be able to get all the work done, because they’re all being paid very, very well. And we can add another 200 grand in revenue this year. Just two examples off the top of my head, this is extremely powerful, because they’re going to be visualizing the results or the outcome of our service program over the long haul. And again, that’s what we want want clients that are on board for the long haul, I’m not talking just six months turnover, I’m talking being on board for 2, 3, 4 years because the LTV is massive, you don’t have to go out go get more clients that revenue stacks up, it’s a way easier to build a business using this than it is to just churn and burn. And so this mind shift is extremely powerful, because they’re already envisioning what they can do and achieve and just makes closing them that much easier. Now questions five and six are asked one right after the next. And so the first one of this with question five is going to be how long have you been trying to get to that number.

And this, again, is using their goal that they had talked about earlier on, as firepower for asking this question and get the answer of man, I’ve been thinking about having a million dollar a year business since I started four years ago. And four years may not sound like a lot of time, but it is an insane amount of time, that’s 1400 days or something crazy like that. That’s a ton of time. And so then I’m immediately going to follow up with Okay, so you can think about this for four years, what if nothing changes. And they’re gonna be stumped, they’re really not going to know what to say at all.

And so I just wait for them to say, whatever it is that they are going to say. And then I’m usually going to then follow up and say, Can you agree that it’s time for a change? And that change, of course, is them buying our service program. And that’s not when we close them now yet, because we still want to go a little bit deeper. And actually, what I typically do at this point in time is I’m going to ask them, what they would like to do with the additional profits that come into their business as a result of working with my agency, and have this extra work coming in extra profit and so forth. Most of them and this is shocking to me, because I figured I would get the answer of man, I just want to be able to go get drunk on a yacht with a bunch of naked chicks or fly private have a fleet of exotics or do sorts of do all sorts of extravagant things. And that’s never been the answer once, almost every single time. These business owners, at least in the industry that I work in state that they just want to be able to reinvest back into their business.

So they want to be able to pay their employees really good wages, buy nice equipment, newer equipment, new trucks, and that way, the whole company is just better run because the fact that everything’s new, everything works. Their employees like coming to work because of that fact, because everything works. They’re not stuck on job sites waiting because the equipment’s broken down or things like that company is actually more profitable as a result even with the employees being paid very well. And then with the additional profit from all of that working in Play, they will usually say that they want to take their family on a nice vacation, maybe renovate their house, that’s pretty much it. Some may want to get into real estate with buy homes for rentals. But that’s really it, it actually was surprising that they weren’t saying the typical thing that you’d see with success, so to speak, is very, very powerful.

Because this decision that they’re making to purchase your service program is based on outside influences, not just them wanting to go get drunk on a yacht with a bunch of chicks, it’s for their family, it’s for their employees, it’s for their just in company as a whole, because everything’s just going to improve and impact others beyond just them. And one of the things I want to address is that you need to be socially aware when you’re conducting your sales calls. But I mean by that is, there will be times when you have a prospect who’s very, very, very warm. In fact, they’re probably even hot, when it comes to the cold the hot reading, in terms of wanting to buy, and how you can kind of pick up on this, it’ll be certain nuances and vocal tones, and that sort of stuff in their voice that almost as an annoyance, but you can tell that they because you’re going through this whole long drawn out process when they’re already sold. And you got to be able to jump on that opportunity when it comes about it because it is pretty rare that you will have that but that they’re easy sales to make because you don’t have to go through the entire sales process, you can walk them through 15 minutes of what you’re discussing during the discovery, and boom, they’re ready to go.

So those are six of the top questions you need to be asking in your digital marketing agency sales script, whether you’re selling SEO, web design, Google Ads, or some combination of all that are in Facebook ads and there’s other things out there too. So what I would highly highly highly encourage you to do if you have reached this point in the video go down below to the first thing in the description or the pinned comment down beneath this video register for my webinar watch that broadcast end to end going to be some things that are covered in there they’re going to be truly life changing they altered my life for the absolute better firstly the description as well as the pinned comment down beneath this video be sure go down below subscribe click the bell for notifications so that way you know when all the newest content comes live here on my channel drop a Like I’d love to know in the future after you put these six questions to use in your sales calls. Who your next one comment on your results. How do your prospects respond to this? Did you close deals, all that sort of good stuff, comment that down below and other questions as well that said, my name is Matt Wacek. Thanks for watching. We’ll see in the next video.

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