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Matt Wacek

5 Digital Marketing Agency Niches to Make $1,166+ a day in 2024

When building a digital marketing agency from scratch there’s no better way to reach success than by selecting a niche. In this video, Matt Wacek shares 5 untapped SMMA niches that would be the most profitable for services such as web design, SEO, Google PPC and more.

Best SMMA/Digital Marketing Agency Niches

When it comes to starting a digital marketing agency, there’s no better way to fast track your success and reaching 5, 10, 15k a month than niching down and becoming one of the absolute best at helping those businesses scale their company. And in this video, I want to uncover five different industries that I think are frankly under-served and untapped when it comes to providing services that help these businesses grow. So whether that’s website design, SEO, Google Pay Per Click ads, even social media marketing as well if you wanted to go that route.

Now if you don’t know me, my name is Matt Wacek, I’m the CEO of Landscape Marketing Pros, a digital marketing agency that has helped landscaping companies across the entire US scale to new heights since 2017. And I make these videos because I really wish I had this information available to me when I was trying to get that business started. And I would say that I have some authority to speak on this subject, because my digital marketing agency, my actual agency, that you can go out and Google Landscape Marketing Pros, you’ll find our website, you’ll find the YouTube channel, you’ll find a bunch of testimonial videos here on our website, and on the YouTube channel with clients that are actual offline business owners saying how great our service has been for helping them grow their business. And the reason that I show you this not to brag and say that I’m the best agency owner ever or anything like that.

It’s to show that I actually walk the walk and talk the talk, because there’s so much garbage out there with people showing you their core sales in the rebranding that is their quote unquote SMMA, or they are showing you affiliate income or whatever it is, when you come to my channel, I want to show you what it’s actually like to build this type of business from scratch and really give you the information I wish I had in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 when I was struggling all those years, and even part of 2020, frankly, to to try to get this stuff to work. And then once it finally clicked really 2021 is when things kind of got going, I had my first consistent 6 to 8k recurring revenue months. And then 2022 is when things really ramped up on my first $25,000 month.

And again, this is on a recurring basis. And ever since then, it’s been consistently between 25 to $35,000 in monthly recurring revenue over the past couple of years, but 800k in net revenue after stripe fees. And this is at a very nice margin because there is no ad spend or anything like that to inflate this number. Because if a client is going to be running ads with my agency, their credit card is going to be on file in their ad account. So they’re billed directly by Google. So as a result of this, I’ve been able to create an amazing life for myself, I just moved into a beautiful new home here in Florida, I’m able to drive my dream truck, I was able to recently purchase my dream fifth wheel toy hauler, which probably cost as much to own and maintain as the flavor of the month fake gurus rented sports car does and go race motocross I love I’ve never been able to before.

And again, I’m showing you these numbers so that way you know and understand what it’s actually like to build this type of business. By the way, a lot of you have been asking about how you can get additional help from me a little bit more on a one to one coaching basis, go here and check out the niche agency blueprints program that I put together, basically compiling all the information that I’ve learned over the past decade of owning businesses, and then building my actual digital marketing agency from zero to $30,000 plus in monthly recurring revenue. So again, first link in the description, pinned comment down beneath.

So without further ado, let’s get into the first industry. And this is something so untapped. I mean, most people have probably never even heard of it.

1. Garbage Can Cleaning Services

Garbage can cleaning services. You heard me right cleaning the garbage cans, the ones that are at people’s houses that you take to the road when the garbage pickup service comes through. And this is something that I see in really its infant stage as a business as a whole, not necessarily for even marketing agencies. But it’s truly untapped. If you’re a marketing agency, a lot of people don’t even really know that this exists yet. And this is such an easy, convenient service, it’s very affordable.

I found a company that’s has the pricing on their website, we’re talking 20, 30 bucks a month, 60, 70 bucks every six months, very, very, very affordable. And it’s something that’s just a no-brainer, the truck comes to the house and has a boom that lifts up the can and puts it on top of their truck and it sprays it all out and then takes the water and everything like that. It’s really hands off for the homeowner, this is something that I see continuing to grow more and more.

And the reason that I believe that it’s in its infancy stage is because if you look at garbage cans cleaning services near me, there’s less than 10,000 searches per month. That’s not to say that there isn’t a ton of volume for it. Because as more and more people become aware that the service is a thing that they can actually purchase, it’s going to only continue to grow. And the cool thing about this industry is that just about every company that does power washing services could essentially have the same equipment already to do this work if they so choose.

The nice thing is that it is a recurring service. So that way these companies can count on that money that’s going to be coming in month after month after month. Yes, it is a little bit lower ticket. So you’re gonna have to really focus on the companies that are minimum 250k a year in revenue, or even upwards of 500k Because those are the ones that are going to know their numbers more because they’re gonna have to focus on LTV. You don’t want to be working with the one guy type of company here because they’re going to be so focused on today’s money. You got to be working with the companies that have a longer term focus. So garbage came cleaning service is definitely untapped.

2. Dumpster/Roll-Off Rental

The second industry that I think is really untapped and underserved and we’re gonna keep this garbage theme rolling with the hiss is dumpster rental specifically working with just company needs that do dumpster rental services, or even construction companies might offer this as well. But this is something that is just an easy, justifiable ROI. Because they’re essentially selling a product. There’s nothing custom that’s being done with the business and how they transact with their customers. So for example, if you are working with a deck builder, or painting contractor, their jobs are going to be different costs, because the scope of work is going to change. For the most part, what you see is what you get with a dumpster rental. And yes, there are different sizes, and the bigger it is, the more it’s going to cost. But it’s essentially just a product that they’re selling. And that yes, they’re offering a service. And if people overload it, then of course, there’s additional charges for taking care of that.

But it’s a very productized business, which makes it a little bit easier for an owner if they know their numbers to justify the ROI into a service program that’s 1500 2000 3000 bucks a month, depending on what you’re offering them. And so just some general numbers, I did a Google search on how much it cost to rent a dumpster for a week, and basically about 600 bucks is the average and then how you can justify this as a marketing agency owner to sell your service program to them.

If a dumpster rental company has two to three trucks, I mean, heck, they can even do this with one truck, they just be really busy. But then they have 30 roll off dumpsters, and they kind of manage things very well have a good CRM and everything like that. And if they’re able to book out 80% of their fleet, so that’s about 24 of those Dumpster Rentals at any given time. They’re always rented out at a rate of 600 bucks a week, which is the average ticket rate, give or take depending on where it’s at, and all that sort of stuff.

But that’s about $14,400 per week, you run that 50 weeks out of the year, that’s 720,000 bucks a year with probably pretty good margins. I don’t know the full intricacies of this industry. If you’re gonna be jumping into this one, I encourage you to do the research that way, you know and understand what the numbers are like for these types of businesses. But I can almost guarantee if that’s what they’re able to do with those types of numbers, they have no problem paying 2k a month, especially for an SEO program where the leads don’t cost anything directly. It’s just that $2,000 a month a year round, very easy for them to justify that.

So even if they drop the price down to 500 bucks a week, and they run at 80% efficiency that’s still 12k a week and 50 weeks a year, that’s $600,000 a year. And an honorable mention in this industry would be junk removal. However, the margins could be a little bit different because they’re working with a lot more manual labor. But it is a very simple business where you just send a crew out, they grab whatever the person wants to get rid of, and then they haul it away, and then they get rid of it.

3. Moving Companies

Now the third industry that is really, really under-served is moving companies have first hand experience in this because I just moved from my first home here in Florida to a new one about 10 miles away, it’s much bigger, it has a second story, and this was going to be my third or fourth time moving in a year and a half. There’s no way I was going to be doing it myself, especially with having to bring mattresses and things like that up two flights of stairs, no way. So I sought out a local moving company that would be able to do all this work I came across was terrible. So many companies that have websites that were built in 2013 Haven’t been touched so many that didn’t explain their pricing structure, which was really important for me to figure out, I wanted to know:

Is it by the man hour? Is it by the job? How do they do it? And then also their process of just how did they do things, that’s the things that I wanted to know, because I was going to be having them move expensive items I wanted to know as my stuff’s going to be secure, is he going to be flying around in the truck and potentially get damaged all that sort of stuff.

And yeah, they have insurance for that. But I still don’t want my stuff broken, because then I have to go and get a new one and waste time and all that. So these are things that are very important. And these are things that consumers are thinking of when they’re hiring a moving company. So when it came to how much it actually costs. And the reason I bring this up is that way you understand what the potential margins could be. So that way you could work in a service program that helps these businesses make more money as a result.

So for my move, there wasn’t a whole lot of things in my first house. And I actually ended up moving some of my office things myself, because I just didn’t want anyone touching them because it just didn’t want anything breaking. So this company built by the man hour, and I believe the total for about eight man hours plus their drive time factored in was about 600 bucks. And so one of the things that I noticed about this industry is that it’s pretty high margin, it’s really just the labor hours going into it. And then you have the truck insurance, of course the workers comp.

And then there’s the reusable supplies that they use, but they’re relatively cheap ones that purchase things like moving blankets, some of the boxes that they allow you to use, like wardrobe boxes, things like that, but then they also up-sell additional moving supplies with like packing and all that sort of good stuff. And so for a typical family that has two to three kids, husband, wife, they have all kinds of stuff, probably about two to three, maybe 4000 bucks, depending on how far they’re going or more than that, especially if they’re going across country.

So the margin is absolutely there. But I was to be getting started and I was going to focus on moving companies, I would go and work with the local to regional movers, basically ones that kind of just stick with the same metro area, maybe like a 50 to 100 mile radius of that. And they just work within that area. They don’t go cross country or anything like that. There’s going to be one of the simplest ones, especially if you’re looking to just kind of maximize their search presence in a particular region. So that is definitely an untapped niche though because there’s so many websites that I came across that were just horrible.

4. Automotive Detailing Shops

Now the fourth industry Is automotive detail shops. And so a lot of these companies have pretty good websites pretty good social media profiles, but their reputation is absolutely key. So if you can get them on a program, of course with SEO and Google Pay Per Click ads, but also help them get more and more reviews, specifically on Google, and even maybe Facebook as well, a few months back, I actually paid about 2000 bucks to have paint protection film installed on my truck’s front bumper, hood, roof and a couple other panels. And I wanted to make sure the company I was going to spend this much money with was going to do a really good job.

So what did I do? I scoured their Google reviews and found a good company that ended up doing the work. And so this is something that I think is really good potential, even though they have really good visual presence, because again, they most of these guys understand that their business is very, very visual, especially on the social media side of it with photos and videos always taken with before and after all that sort of good stuff. But for as many companies that you see out there doing that, that I’d probably just as many if not more, that don’t have that type of presence that you could help do that with, provided they make enough money to afford your services.

The sweet spot is with these types of businesses is the shops that have a location where people bring their cars to whether that’s to do a full detail, but also the other work like wraps, paint, protection, film, paint, corrections, ceramic coating, all those sorts of services. And then maybe they got a couple of trucks that they send out for mobile detailing on a weekly or bi weekly basis. So they got the nice mix of higher ticket with recurring revenue as well. The fifth industry that

5. Deck Builders

I think is really, really under-served is deck contractors. And so these are going to be basically building a deck on the back of a house, maybe even a gazebo attached. And for most of these projects, you’re looking at no less than 10 grand at a minimum. And a lot of times, homeowners are going to be spending 25, 50, 75 grand on a deck depending on how elaborate their backyard is and how much space they have. And so this is something that one project a year could cover the entire cost of your service program that you’re offering to these clients. And so I think it’s really a no-brainer, especially if you know and understand this industry, and you can get yourself out onto YouTube, and build out a presence talking about marketing in these companies and you stay consistent with it.

You’re also focusing on breaking your agency’s website for deck builder marketing, deck contractor marketing, etc. those types of keywords, you have a very good shot to become a an authority in this space. Because at this point in time, when I’m filming this video, I don’t see a lot of agencies focusing on this particular industry. And this is definitely one if I was starting over, I would probably work with these companies. The investment is so easily justifiable. One project, like I said, could cover the entire year’s marketing fees. And that’s huge. And another reason I really liked this industry. And this applies to other ones too with home improvements.

But if the contractor can offer their clients project financing, that’s huge, because then they can just have one nice easy monthly payment. So instead of having to write a check for $75,000 for the backyard project. So it just makes it a lot easier and lowers that pain of buying. It’s something that’s becoming more and more popular as an alternative to doing like a home equity line of credit or going to regular bank. There are a lot of companies out there that specialize in financing for just home improvement projects that aren’t covered by insurance, obviously, because this is a custom add on for luxury as opposed to like a roof needing to be replaced. And then homeowners insurance covers it.

Most Profitable Agency Niches for Beginners

So those are some of the top niches that I think are truly under-served and untapped. From an SMMA standpoint, SEO, Google Pay Per Click ads, website design, reputation management, and so many other services that help a business get more clients. And so if you’re going to be focusing in on some type of niche, what I encourage you to do is research that industry inside and out. So that way you’re well versed and when you’re talking with these business owners to potentially have them sign on with your service program, they’re not going to see you as just a marketing guy, they’re gonna see you as essentially one of their own that knows and understands the industry just like they do and can understand where they’re coming from and the problems that they’re facing, because that’s essentially what you’re doing, you’re solving their problem which is usually due to a lack of leads.

One of the absolute best ways to get started and get your first clients coming in and then start scaling from there is to become an authority in the space through your content marketing, like we teach in the Niche Agency Blueprint which is the first link in the description as well as a pinned comment down beneath this video where I teach exactly what I did with my digital marketing agency Landscape Marketing Pros from struggling for multiple years, to then getting about six to 8k and then from there scaling rapidly to $20k, $25k, $30k, $35,000 a month at a very profitable rate.

So again, first link description, pinned comment down beneath, I encourage you to go down below, subscribe, click the bell for notifications so that way you never miss an upload for me. Comment your thoughts as well. I’d love to hear what you think about these industries. If you do decide to niche down, and three, six months from now you’re starting to get your first clients. I’d love to just hear your results with it. And with all that said, my name is Matt Wacek, thanks for checking out my channel. We’ll see you in the next video.

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