Matt Wacek

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Matt got his first taste of entrepreneurship the very young age of 11 by organizing BMX bike races & basketball tournaments with all the kids throughout his neighborhood. A few years later while working his first job at a lawn care company, he fell in love with the idea of being “the guy running the show” with a lawn/landscape company. After graduating high school in 2009 he attended the University of North Dakota for 1.5 years and hated every minute of it. He felt completely out of place and wanted to start his own business as soon as possible.  

He then left UND to pursue Anoka Technical College’s Horticulture program while simultaneously starting his own landscaping business, MJW Landscape Contracting in early 2011. He quickly built up a client base and continued growing the business while going to school full-time until he graduated in 2013, and then took the business by storm.

Expanding the business exponentially every year and scaling to multiple 6-figures thanks to creating a high converting website & ranking it in the search engines for services in their service area – allowing his business to pull in dozens of new clients each month essentially on autopilot.  

He then decided to sell MJW Landscape Contracting in early 2016 to pursue his digital marketing company including his agency Landscape Marketing Pros, which provides results-backed, ROI proven digital marketing services to lawn care, landscaping, irrigation and tree service businesses to clients across the nation.

Matt’s other current ventures include his YouTube channel where he creates content for 1000s of entrepreneurs find their own success within the digital marketing space. Along with his online education programs that provide step-by-step website build & SEO ranking with the monetization strategy of local affiliate marketing or selling the calls/leads directly to local businesses. Previously, he owned a global lawn care/landscaping/snow removal online training hub he launched in 2015 known as Lawntrepreneurship that has helped 1000s start and grow their own lawn care/landscaping business. 

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